5 Things your caterer needs to know...

So you've set the date, asked your bridesmaids, approved the best man and stared endlessly at that beautiful bobby dazzler on your finger. What's next? There are endless experts that can give you big long lists of what to do when and in which order and most of them will tell you that you need to sort out the food fairly early on. This is very true, caterers get booked up! So to give you a heads up as to what you need to do before you speak to a caterer, here are five things that they need to know before they can give you a comprehensive quote.

1. Where are you planning to hold your wedding? This may sound silly but the venue makes a huge difference to the food that can be produced. If you are using a village hall, most in general don't have a commercial kitchen and it's very unlikely that a caterer can produce a three course wedding breakfast without having to hire an extra oven or a hot cupboard to help keep food hot. A marquee in a field is a great way to have full control over everything and you can style it exactly how you like but again a caterer will need to include the provision of a kitchen in the quote to be able to cook for you.

2. What style food do you like? This is your wedding and you want to eat good food that you will enjoy on your wedding day. There are so many options these days that you are spoilt for choice. Hog roasts have long been the food trend at weddings with a rustic theme and casual dining, however brides are moving back to the more traditional approach of having a three course sit down meal.

3. Budget! One of the most important things to consider as you can't expect to feed 150 people canapés, a luxury three course meal and charcuterie sharing platters in the evening on a shoestring.

4. Which brings me nicely on to the next point. How many guests are you going to feed? Often people make the mistake of thinking that they don't need to provide as much food for the evening as the guests will be full up after the three course meal they had at 4 o'clock. Not true! People indulge at weddings...they will still be hungry.

5. Lastly your caterer will need to know when your wedding is. This is possibly the first question they will ask as they can't cook for you if they are already cooking for someone else on the same day.

Caterers worth their salt will want to meet you in person to chat through your ideas to be able to create food that you will love. Site visits are also essential to preempt any catering disasters such as not having any plates! The stress of organising your wedding can be immense as you've got so many things to sort out before the big day. We've done this a lot, a heck of a lot in fact so we can take a small chunk of that stress away by organising the food and drink for you - it would be an honour.

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